At UCS Solutions, our people make the difference. Our tremendous success over the years is attributed to the people we have working on our team. We rely on their energy and enthusiasm for their jobs, their dedication to our customers and their total commitment to the team. Their performance and achievements make us immensely proud and contribute greatly towards making us a respected industry player. 



Employer of Choice: 

At UCS Solutions we recognise that everyone is different and has a valuable contribution to make. The guidance we offer will empower you to channel your enthusiasm and creativity in a way that inspires you to consistently achieve the best for yourself and for UCS Solutions.  We provide an environment that encourages you to utilise the valuable skills you have and we will help you to create opportunities to learn and to develop as an individual.


Career and Professional Development

For UCS Solutions employees, a broad range of career development opportunities are available within our organisation. In order to support the most effective career development process, we provide coaching and mentoring with comprehensive feedback, offer career development planning and facilitate open communication between you and your manager.

Job Listing


  • We are committed to providing an environment which gives the people in our team the tools and atmosphere within which to develop on every level. It’s important to us that you make the most of every opportunity that will add value to your role within the company.
  • Learning is an on-going journey at UCS Solutions and we want you to feel equipped to meet the challenges of your job and to be aware of the competencies and capabilities that you already possess as well as further your knowledge and develop new skills.
  • Our recognition of people as individuals and understanding of different training and development needs motivates us to offer a variety of options to develop our employees, both personally and professionally, throughout their careers.